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Co-op Brings Joy to Man with Alzheimer’s

“I just wanted you to know that Herb and I had a great time at the Co-op!!

During a visit, Mark (left) immediately recognized my father-in-law, Herb Steffl (right). Herb retired from Land-O-Lakes as the Alexandria plant manager and was a LOL field rep. He used to call on the Millerville Creamery! He also worked for the USDA grading butter and Mark’s brother, Philip, worked for Herb at the Alex plant!

Mark was kind, respectful and took time to show us the Millerville butter making process. Herb loved it! As we were departing Herb thanked Mark and let him know he has dementia. He really enjoyed his time at the creamery. I snapped the picture of the two of them and Mark took one of Herb to send to his brother. I bought two pounds of butter and Herb informed Mark he was going to grade it when he got home!

It was a simple trip to the Millerville Creamery that brought much joy to a man with Alzheimer’s. Please let Mark know the time he took yesterday with Herb was priceless! Thank you!”

Membership Gifts with Family Roots

This mom is on her A game! She’s buying all of her kids memberships to the creamery for Christmas!

That might seem like an odd gift, but it’s the heritage behind the gift that means so much to her. Years ago, her parents were MCCA co-op members and hard working dairy farmers. Back then the milk truck would stop at their farm to pick up milk and deliver it to the creamery to be made into Millerville Butter.

Now her kids get to be a part of something that ties them back to their grandparents and their Millerville roots.