How It's Made

At the Millerville Co-op Creamery our butter is made from cream supplied by Minnesota farmers and their happy cows. It is thoughtfully and patiently handcrafted in small batches, with the same fine care as was done 90 years ago.

Pasteurize, Cool & Churn

We start by pasteurizing our cream in a batch pasteurizer. The cream is brought to a high temperature and held for 30 minutes. This process cooks the cream giving it it’s rich flavor. The cream is cooled in the pasteurizer overnight. The next day the cream is pumped from the pasteurizer to the butter churn. The butter is churned until it looks like popcorn. The buttermilk is drained off, salt is added and churned again until the butter becomes smooth and creamy.

Hand Scooped, Sliced, Wrapped & Boxed

Next the butter is hand scooped out of the churn and put into 90 lb. stainless steel boxes called “Friday Boxes”. No, we don’t only use them on Fridays. That’d be silly. Years ago, the original boxes were made of wood and stamped on the front reading “Friday Butter Box.” The name just stuck.

Finally, the butter is hand sliced, hand wrapped, hand boxed, and delivered to stores in the area for you to purchase and enjoy at home!

Real Seal - Minnesota Grown

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