Life's Butter, er Better in Millerville

It’s a tale of farmers, cows, butter and customers.


Millerville Butter

We’re most famous for making Millerville butter. We’ve been thoughtfully and patiently handcrafting it in small batches, in partnership with farmers and of course the cows, for well over 90 years.

“There is a real art to making butter,” says General Manager Deidre Hubbard. We’ve perfected this art and it shows with our loyal, vocal, and growing customer fan base.


Agronomy & Farm Supply 

The largest part of the Millerville Creamery’s business comes from the agriculture division. We sell feed for livestock, milking supplies, seed like alfalfa, corn, soybean and wheat, fertilizer, and chemicals to area farmers.

In addition, members are offered access to free ag consulting services through the cooperative. This no-charge service helps to ensure you have access to the resources you need to implement best practices for farming and making money in your business.


Auto Center

The Millerville Creamery also owns an auto center where you can get your oil changed, purchase tires or have them rotated and have repairs done.

Additionally, any auto center work done applies to your capital credits… which means eventually you get cash back on every purchase.



Our store is stocked with ‘essentials’  like milk, eggs, pop, candy, Bongard’s cheese, Schwan’s frozen pizza and ice cream, hand tools, automotive supplies, hydraulic hoses and much more.

Millerville Co-op Creamery History

Millerville Co-op Creamery started in late 1929, with the joint efforts of over 100 local dairy farmers.

On January 4th, 1930, the Creamery’s papers were filed with the State of Minnesota. That was just two months after the great stock market crash of 1929. The MCCA started out and operated during a decade long depression. Following that, a world war.

Since then, there were  struggles, but it has always been able to persevere. The Brandon Creamery, which did business with the Millerville Creamery combined in 1943 to form the company that exists today.

The “Cooperators” who banded together in these small rural communities have always needed everyone together, pulling in the same direction to keep local economies growing.


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